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  • Locks that protect residential and commercial premises against unauthorized entry tend to break downoccasionally. Keys are periodically lost, locks begin to jam. That's why we offer you a huge range oflocksmith services in the event of any problems with your locks and keys. All our employees have extensiveexperience and a high level of qualification. In addition, they are equipped with modern high-techequipment. All this allows us to provide customers with high quality services, to turn any difficulties with thelocks in an easily removable small problems. Our services are available 24 hours, seven days a week.Whenever your lock is broken or keys are lost, you can call us. San Diego Commercial Locksmith will come in a short time and solve all problems quickly and efficiently.

    Emergency services

    One of the most popular of our services is the emergency assistance in difficult situations. For example, ifyou are locked in your home or office, if you’ve lost the keys to your home or car, if you don’t remember thepasscode to your safe. We have a modern well-equipped fleet, which allows us to get to your location asquickly as possible and efficiently solve the problems on the spot. You can just call us at any time of day ornight, and we will bring you out of the predicament situation operatively.

    The lock replacement

    For several reasons, our customers often come to us with a request to change the lock of the house, offices,cars, safe, etc. The lock can fail, start seizing, cease to provide a reasonable degree of protection.Sometimes even not broken locks need to be replaced. For example, if the keys had been stolen or lost andcould get into bad hands. We provide fast and quality replacement of locks of any level of complexity. Locksthat we set will protect your assets and provide access to it only for you and the people you trust. All work isdone carefully in relation to your property: our locksmiths do not leave any scratches on the doors, safessurfaces, etc.

    Manufacturing of new keys and changing combinations for safes

    We are often approached by people who want to make new or additional keys to their property and vehicles.You can be sure that our Commercial Locksmith San Diego Ca service have all the possibilities to producereliable and quality keys for every lock. The manufacturing time for each key depends on the complexity ofthe lock and on whether the customer has other keys. We produce even brand new keys for modern carsequipped with high-tech electronic systems. We are rather often approached by the owners of the safes too.They want not only to change the keys or to make the new ones, but also to change the code combination.Such services we also carry out quickly and efficiently to improve safety of storages of our clients.

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